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Many people ask about the cost of archery. On completion of the beginners course we can offer you unbiased experienced advice on your next steps in archery. We have found with experience that most beginners want to rush out and buy the first bow they see. We have even had members that have bought on ebay incorrect equipment, much to their cost.

We recommend that no equipment is brought until one of our Archery GB coach’s assesses your requirements thoroughly. 



Equipment assessments will take into account age, size and budget. Youngsters must have low poundage bows to alleviate Bone End Loading caused by using over strong bows which can develop into bone and joint damage in their later years. We will measure your draw length and suggest a suitable limb weight for the style of archery you will be participating in. 


Free use of equipment 

Our club offers free use of our own equipment for as long as you require whilst evaluating and assessing what style of archery you wish to follow. We have right-hand and left hand Recurve, Compound and Long Bows for you to use before committing yourself to purchase.


Costs and Advice 

Equipment choice and costs are forever changing and this can be a daunting experience to new archers. We recommend if purchasing a Recurve Bow you purchase the best Riser (the bows handle) affordable, this will allow you to upgrade your limbs as your strength and experience grows and you develop. Arrow length is also an important factor to consider, this will change once your archery has settled into a style, we would suggest that you get longer arrows than required so they can be cut down to your correct length. Arrows again can be a bit of a minefield, selecting correct length and spine weight but we can assist with all these factors. 


Set up and Maintaince 

We have the facilities to tune bows i.e.: bracing height, limb alignment, centre shot, tiller, arrow spine, fit peep sights and any other bow setup that may be required from Recurve to Compound to Longbow. We have a vast mountain of knowledge to draw from and, all the necessary equipment to undergo all tuning requirements and maintenance.

Beginner or not, please feel free to contact us regarding any queries.


Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey - West Campus
Marine Parade, Sheerness, Kent ME12 2BE