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Free Taster Sessions Closed,  we are at capacity.


Free Taster Sessions :By Appointment Only

We cannot emphasise enough that you should NOT purchase any equipment before attending our free taster sessions and making sure you will enjoy archery as either a sport or a hobby first. Even then, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration and we will assist with this, should you wish to purchase any equipment in the future.

The Club is always seeking new members and you will be made to feel welcome whether you have any experience in Archery or not. 


What to Expect 

First of all we will assess your eye dominance with a simple eye test, establish whether you are best to shoot right or left handed and then select a suitable bow and arrow length for your size and strength.
We will then give you a very brief explanation of archery and safety regulations, following which you will be able to shoot your first arrows!

The free taster session lasts for approximately half an hour.


What to Wear 

No specific clothing is required, but you will need to wear sensible, flat footwear and avoid baggy clothing and neck cords etc which could interfere with the bow string, your vision or movement. 



Whilst the club has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, we have a good balance of members of different ages and abilities and do take safety and insurance aspects very seriously. The coaches at our club are Level 1 qualified, CRB checked and in possession of child protection certificates.

Please note: Under 18’s must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Please also note the minimum age for a taster session is 10 years old.


Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey - West Campus
Marine Parade, Sheerness, Kent ME12 2BE