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Juniors Section


The club has a thriving Junior Section, for under 18’s and provide helpful and specialised training suited to each individual. Please note the minimum age for a junior member is 10 years old.

The Club has also appointed 3 Junior Co-ordinators who run the Archery GB Progress Award Scheme (and work closely with the Archery GB Level 1 Coaches).

Our Junior Co-ordinators not only assist our Junior Members with improving techniques but they also organise numerous fun events throughout the year.

Our Club coaches are fully CRB checked but, nevertheless, all under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Archery GB Progress Award Scheme
The Award Scheme is designed to provide beginners and younger Archers with Awards for developing their skills. At each level, the Junior Archer is awarded with an achievement badge which serves as a good incentive.

Training can be provided for Juniors to enter into local and national competitions, if they are interested in progressing to that level. There is no pressure or expectancy of any Club member to compete in competitions if they only wish to enjoy Archery as a fun and sociable hobby.

Fun Events
Archery doesn’t have to just be about serious coaching and awards. The Junior Co-ordinators also work hard to make Archery fun for our Junior Section members too and arrange numerous fun events throughout the year including Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

The Club is happy to provide Juniors with equipment on loan, to use at the Club, for as long as they need it. In time, if a Junior wishes to purchase their own equipment the Club will advise on the most suitable bow setup, within your required budget.

It is extremely important that the poundage of the bow is chosen specifically for each individual and particularly so for Juniors so as not to cause Bone End Loading by putting pressure on growing joints.


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