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How much does it cost? 

If you are new to archery, you will need to have completed a Beginners Course and received a Certificate before you can become a member. Members of other Clubs are also more than welcome to shoot with us upon payment of our weekly shoot fees and evidence of GNAS membership.
We are a community club and whilst the coaches are qualified and more than happy to give their time to teach others, this is on a voluntary basis. It is therefore expected that other members will help out with general tasks (once trained), such as setting out equipment, putting it away and being a line captain.
Please note: Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.

Minimum age is 10 years old.


Membership Fees 

Membership fees include SCAS (regional) membership fees, KAA (county) membership fees and GNAS membership fees, the latter of which includes your insurance and all of which are compulsory. GNAS fees are apportioned and, depending on what time of the year you join, the total costs are currently as follows:

For seniors (aged 25 and over), joining between:
1st October and 31st December the total fee is £53.00
(Unless increased by Archery GB).
This is the maximum you will pay per year, and this fee varies depending upon when your membership starts.

This fee covers you for the remainder of the year, with the following year being renewable on the 1st October, at the annual rate of £53.00.
(Unless increased by Archery GB).

For juniors (aged 16 to 24), £16.00. (Unless increased by Archery GB).

Club Membership for adults is £12.00 per year, and is due at the end of March.

Club Membership for Under 18's is £6.00 per year, and is due at the end of March.

If your membership fees are unpaid you will not be allowed to shoot! This is because you will not be insured.

Weekly Shoot Fees
Recurve : £3.50 per session (visitors £4.50)
Longbow: £3.50 per sesson (visitors £4.50)
Compound: £3.50 per session (visitors £4.50) 


Rules of Shooting 

Current rules of shooting can be downloaded from the ArcheryGB website. These rules are approved by the GNAS to give guidance to archers so they may practice their sport and engage in safe, fair competition


Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey - West Campus
Marine Parade, Sheerness, Kent ME12 2BE